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 Starting on a budget       

We appreciate starting your own business can be somewhat 
daunting and the capital outlay signifigant with that in mind we
are able to offer tailored packages for all your equipment
necessary to start working immediately.
36 month terms available  Machine finance examples

        Call Steve Huntridge to discuss 
        07812 167 529
 Hire the equipmentWhether you are starting out in business
looking to expand your business and add on another location
wanting to introduce Colon hydrotherapy in your clinic

We have three different hire packages to suit all needs

        Call Steve Huntridge to discuss 
        07812 167 529

 Purchasing your equipment        Thinking of upgrading to the latest Herrmann model
we would be interested in your used machine just supply details
Model number, history, description and pictures
        Call Steve Huntridge to discuss 
        07812 167 529
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