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The Herrmann comfort standard is a state of the art colon hydrotherapy device (also known as colonic irrigation). It will cleanse the entire colon using filtered water and without the use of drugs or chemicals. 

The device is a "closed system" which affords a comfortable modern naturopathic procedure while maintaining the dignity of the patient. There is no open evacuation and no offensive odours. It is therapist assisted for effectiveness, comfort and most importantly, safety.

The colon hydromat standard is best known for its easy to operate controls featuring temperature pre selection and water flow control demonstration

Approved and certified by ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, and CE (European Union)


The device comes equipped with a built-in water treatment system. This patented three stage system will remove particulate matter, reduce the amount of chlorine.

Another feature of the Colon Hydromat standard is its self-cleaning capability. Unlike other devices, the comfort's unique "locked in" system allows sufficient contact time for the disinfectant to be effective. (NO accidental pop off's)

Complete with two year warranty

Automatic temperature regulation

Maintaining and changing the temperature precisely per the clients/therapist’s need.

Over range pressure regulation

Precise feedback provides increased control and reliability

Programable electronic timer

noiseless during session with soft alarm upon completion

Stainless steel flow control

Precision, durable flow control, built to the highest quality and standards allows adjustable control

Pyrex glass view tube for superior visibility and durability

Illuminated this viewing tube allows for a clear view and is chemical resistant 

Excess water containment system

Prevents any excess water discharge keeping machine at it's peak performance.

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