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Each individually packed complete and sealed

  1. Can be opened in front of the client
  2. Compatible with all colon hydrotherapy equipment on the market
  3. Highest quality ISO FDA and CE standards

Great offer to support your business

  1. Enjoy 25% savings on all servicing by ordering our speculum kits
  2. Keep your equipment in great condition details
  3. Minimum 200 pcs per annum (mixed types/quantities)

Each SINGLE-USE sealed kit contains:

1 - 6 mm crystal clear water line - 1.2 m long

1 - 22 mm corrugated waste line - 1.2 m long

1 - standard size speculum/obturator

1 - 3oz Surgilube Lubricating Jelly

Waste line tubing - 

  • suitable for scrunching and clamping suitable for free flowing waste or closed system waste
  • Soft and transparent with cuffs every 160 mm 
  • Waste can be clearly seen
Surgilube lubricating jelly - 

  • Non-irritating to the skin, tissues and mucous membranes
  • Will not affect surgical instruments, rubber or plastics
  • Surgilube is especially formulated for surgical and gynaecological lubrication


        Speculums are made from superior plastic polymer that conforms 
to ISO 10993-6 for biocompatible requirements is completely non toxic 
with highly polished smooth finish to ensure client comfort 
Understanding ISO 10993

   Medical CE can be recognised by the CE mark and four digit number

TÜV SÜD demonstrate products' compliance with the requirements
of applicable CE marking directives, testing and certification in line 
with these requirements.
   Waterline tubing
Crystal clear cadmium free hoses certified to KTW guideline
No restrictions - according to the American categories (§ 175.300)
for food types I, II, III, IV-B, VI (up to 10% alcohol) - on its use with
watery, acidic and alcoholic foodstuffs.
 Three size's of Speculum available  Standard 
 diameter - 20.5 mm
   length - 137 mm
   waste tube connection - 22 mm
 suitable for clients 16 years +

 diameter - 26 mm (max olive)
   length - 140.1 mm
   waste tube connection - 22 mm
 suitable for clients 16 years +

 diameter - 18 mm
   length    - 120.5 mm
   waste tube connection - 22 mm
 Not suitable for children under 8 years old

CALL US TODAY FOR SAMPLES  on 0844 854 9222 - Monthly scheduled package discounts also available

  e.g 100 off £2.85 each

If you are purchasing speculum packs from any other source it is important to asks the following questions:

1. Where are they made?   

2. Are they approved by an appropriate government agency (CE marked with number)?    

3. Are they tested for toxicity and irritability (ISO 10993 etc)?

4. Are they individually packaged and completely sealed ready for opening in front of the client before each treatment?

5. Are they produced from a one(smooth) or two piece (possible flashing) moulding?

We realise that there are disposables being sold at cheaper prices but  these do not offer any proof of safety?

We pride ourselves on providing safe equipment and accessories to our clients.

Using the safest equipment in your practice cannot be underestimated. 

With your client/patient’s safety always on the top of your priority list - why compromise - after all it's also your reputation (business) at stake.

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