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Why choose Dotolo Europe

Closed System Machine

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With a reputation built over the past three decades, Dotolo/Herrmann is a brand you can trust to deliver quality, reliability and performance.  

The Closed system devices from Herrmann and Dotolo are FDA approved medical devices and used in over 35 countries in hospitals, clinics, luxurious spas and individual Colon Hydrotherapy practices that have helped to establish the reputation of this equipment. 

With Dotolo Europe you have the comfort and peace of mind knowing that you are buying directly from the supply source with all the after sale support you need

You are buying more than just a treatment system. You become part of a team that shares the success of one of the best systems on the market 

The Dotolo Europe training, equipment and hand holding support package can help you deliver impressive results and enable you to to maximise the hourly revenue potential of your business

no hidden costly add on's

Our attractive rental and lease payment options will enable your business to start generating revenue without any capital outlay requirement.

Included with Dotolo Europe Ltd is a peace of mind two year warranty

ongoing mentoring training and business support


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