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What equipment is needed

There are some minimum requirements to operate the equipment correctly plus some statutory legislation to comply with and be aware of (this will vary from country to country) we are able to carry out a detailled on site survey and advise on best practice.  click here to arrange a visit

Your own business premises and location

existing clinic    





 renting a room 


   what to look for          

Water - pressure/flow/hot water source

Drain - existing toilets/waste pipes

Existing treatments - high water usage e.g. hair Salon       

Premises - Old or new 

- basement or 1st/2nd/3rd floor    


new clinic




purchasing the property        

renting a room/s


   what to look for  

All of the above


Plan for growth 



Three key areas

Water treatment


Water supply




Hard water - water softener

Filtation - mains inlet

Isolation valve

Pressure - 

mains inlet min 0.9 bar

           Flow - up to 14 litres per minute

Temperature - adjustable 30ºC - 45ºC

Pressure - 

1.9bar H & C balanced - 3.8 bar total

Must comply with EN1717 (Europe)

schematic layout 


Filtration - 

5 micron particle filter

Balanced pressure - both hot & cold       


Set up costs

variable between £200 - £400

           Set up costs

variable between £2500 - £3000


Set up costs

Machine £5483 each

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