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One of the biggest issues businesses face today is cash flow particularly when that is also a new venture. Finding the funds for all the needs of the business, whether it be for stock, debtors or wages can often be the hardest part of running a business. It is vital that assets are not paid for out of cash flow so cash is retained for those important day-to-day needs - KEEP YOUR CASH, fund purchases through the support of DOTOLO. 

Hire Purchase - this allows you to pay off the full amount over a defined period 2 years up to 5 years at the end of that period, provided you stick to the terms of that agreement, you will own the asset.

Lease Finance - again over terms as short as 2 years up to 5 years, with a Leasing Agreement, you select the equipment you want, our asset finance company will then purchase it on your behalf and you then lease it for the agreed term, treating the goods as your own throughout.

Equipment finance examples

  • Choose a term period to suit
  • 24 monthly payments      
  • 36 monthly payments 
  • 48 monthly payments 

Finance subject to acceptance - UK only

All of the payments can be claimed against income/corporation tax 100%

  • VAT re-claimed in full on the payments (if you are VAT registered)
  • Even if not VAT registered we calculate the terms net of VAT (so spreading the VAT on the purchase price)
  • Settle the agreement at any time (by introducing a third party to purchase)
  • All payments subject to VAT

For more information and to discuss what options would best suit you 

please contact in confidence  

Peter Morris either by phone 

0845 456 4968 or 07990 503249



   Another option could be an  interest free short term loan details change constantly but this link gives the very latest information and rates from
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