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Treatment procedure

Users of colon hydrotherapy equipment must be properly trained and certified

Note: This section of the Instruction Manual is intended for reference only. Users of colon hydrotherapy equipment must be properly trained and certified.


Medical history

The colon hydrotherapy treatment should commence with a comprehensive medical history form completed by your patient. The practitioner should review the form with the patient and discuss pertinent details relating to any present illness, or alerted to existing contraindications. A detailed verbal summary should follow regarding the colon hydrotherapy procedure and

therapeutic application. The emotional aspect of this treatment is paramount to its success. Inform the patient of the prospect that after the colon has been cleansed and corrective therapy initiated, it often requires subsequent treatments and time for the body to clear the contents of the colon.

Preparing the patient

Introduce the patient to the dressing area to disrobe and put on a gown open at the back. Ask the patient to go to the restroom to empty their bladder and to step onto a scale. Record the patient’s weight before and after the treatment.

Preparing the treatment room

After the instrument has been properly cleansed and disinfected, place the unopened disposable pack at the end of the table next to the instrument.

Cleanse the treatment table with a disinfectant agent or cover it with a clean cotton sheet or paper from a continuous paper roll installed at the head of the table.

For the patient’s comfort, a pillow or triangular piece of foam in the shape of a wedge, covered with a removable cotton material, should be placed at the head of the table.

Place an underpad on the table at the buttock area with the absorption surface facing up.

Speculum preparation

Ask the patient to lie on the table, and open the disposable pack in front of the patient. Lightly coat both ends of the disposable waste hose on the inner ring, with a small amount of

petroleum jelly to prevent leakage and provide ease of attachment to the speculum. Attach the waste hose to the instrument.

Turn on the light to illuminate the viewing tube.

Digital exam

Inspect and gently palpate the entire abdomen for rigidity, masses, and pain before starting the treatment. Now instruct the patient to lie onto his left side with the right knee flexed toward the chest (Sim’s position). Proceed to digital exam. Digital rectal examination is accomplished by   having the patient take a deep breath as the lubricated gloved index finger is gently inserted into the rectal orifice for determination of haemorrhoids, strictures, tumours and angle of insertion. Don new gloves.

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