WRAS and EN1717 regulations

There appears to be a general lack of understanding as to what is required when installing certain colon hydrotherapy devices/machines with every clinic/spa/treatment room having it’s own unique set of parameters in terms of location, water supply both hot and cold, building layout etc. etc.

There are two main considerations one practical and one legislative


The Dotolo colon hydrotherapy machine needs pressure 3.8 bar (ideally balanced) and flow to operate correctly and efficiently with ideally around 10 litres of hot stored water that will allow for three/four back to back treatments of uninterrupted supply.

It’s also probably safe to assume that in most premises the feed for the cold water is off the mains and for the hot water of some sort of stored or pressurised system that also supplies wash hand basins showers etc.

These present two issues firstly the general mains supply can vary from town to town and also local factors play a part such as age of system and/or location multi use locations and/or high use locations e.g. hair salons, launderettes etc.

Secondly having a salon/clinic/spa with multiple outlets that feed from the primary source e.g. wash hand basins is a high risk and would not pass inspection, the actual devices have to be protected on an individual basis. e.g. Colon Hydrotherapy machine


There are two main standards to be aware of EN 1717 category 5 and WRAS category 5 put simply the European standard EN 1717 has been adopted in the UK as a national standard and the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Service) approval rating is a straight forward national reference for all products that have been tested and have been approved for use as they conform to the standard.



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