Dotolo – New Star rating for therapists/clinics


Dotolo Europe has announced a comprehensive one, two and three star listings for therapists and clinics based on a combination of various factors and with the sole aim of raising standards in the industry and providing customers with a clear method of identifying best practice.

The star system identifies

Equipment used – model, age
Regular equipment serving using genuine replacement parts
Using genuine FDA approved consumables
Therapist/s Training, Qualifcation levels
Therapist Experience
Christian Louboutin
Clinic Best practice

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2 Responses to Dotolo – New Star rating for therapists/clinics

  1. Michele Yearwood says:

    I do find your rating system interesting. I have been an avid user of Colon Hydrotherapy in many different parts of the world. The most important thing to me is the training and knowledge of the therapist. Secondly, are they meeting the legal requirements of the country?
    It just like car drivers, whether you drive an old car or new car, it is your driving skills not the car that are vital.
    You mention FDA, but if I am having a treatment in the UK/Europe CE requirement is needed. Why have you not mentioned this in your checklist?