A clear measurable standard for clinics – Dotolo star rating system

Colon hydrotherapy is an ideal service for someone to offer in conjunction with existing aesthetic clinic-based services, such as those offered by surgical and non-surgical health treatment salons, health clubs, spas and hotels, or within therapeutic environments, such as homeopathy and naturopathy practices.
But how does an existing or potential new client differentiate between these establishments?
With no word of mouth referral or thorough check on the therapist’s qualifications and experience it can be difficult.
Location, having a great website, soft music and welcoming environment are sometimes the only measuring criteria (not to mention the dreaded commercial GroupOn “deal”)
To be able to show the end user a transparent nationwide standard of quality for colon hydrotherapy establishments Dotolo Europe has launched a comprehensive one, two and three star rating system for the practising clinic/centre that covers everything in detail from the equipment used, education and experience of the practitioners, clinic set up and value add for clients – Transparent, tangible measurable criteria. Top christian louboutin.
Each qualifying establishment will be supported by a localised marketing pack (certificates, stickers, web site support/links, press release etc.) and will be linked to a national/regional search/selection section on our website backed up by national press promotion.
For the man or women in the street at last a clear unambiguous standard that they relate to and understand
For the therapist a clear differentiator to enable you to promote your clinic/business

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