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Distributors for Colon Hydrotherapy equipment, accessories and consumables

Shemila Tharani one of the two directors who own and run this business is also a practising therapist who has been using Dotolo/Herrmann technology for colon cleansing since 2006, in their own practice located near London in the UK. The other director in the business is Steve Huntridge, who until recently was a trustee/director of the Life Story therapeutic centre located near London in the UK. 

We also have the support from a number of associates from within the colon hydrotherapy sector both here in the UK and abroad.

We have been distributors for Dotolo Toxygen Equipment in Europe and are distributors for Herrmann Hydromat Equipment in the UK offering a complete support package from training individuals to ongoing support and advice, installation and service of closed colon hydrotherapy systems  

Shemila Tharani



Steve Huntridge

Director/Principal Trainer   
  Director/Business Development
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Prior to 1993, I lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa with an abundance of sunshine and locally gown organic food. Within months of moving to the UK, severe migraines, digestive problems and arthritis prompted me to research links between lifestyle habits and health. 

There appeared to be overwhelming evidence linking poor nutritional choices, toxic accumulation in the colon, stress mismanagement and a sedentary lifestyle to the causes of many diseases and disorders
including cancer.


Having started working life as an apprentice toolmaker I went on to became Managing Director of an industrial automation company at 34 years of age.

I continued in mechanical engineering as Managing Director of a further two companies also involved in industrial automation.

For over nine years since 2002 I worked as a high growth business adviser and gained extensive experience helping, advising, supporting over 500 SME's in the Berkshire/Oxfordshire region.

During this time I have also been responsible for the running of a large multi discipline therapeutic centre. 

Practising therapist using
Dotolo & Herrmann technology 
  Factory trained at both Dotolo & Herrmann manufacturing plants
Find out more about 
Body Vibrant colon hydrotherapy
 European Training Centres
 Training Languages                                        Associates
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese 

Italian, Dutch, Flemish
Norwegian, Swedish
Paula Atkinson
Owner Colonics North East
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Two downloads available


1. Starting a colon hydrotherapy business
2.Training and support programme

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Providing ongoing supervision and support

As a proven entrepreneur and business woman with three clinics in the north east, Paula has considerable
experience in what it takes to run a 
successful colon hydrotherapy business

Practising therapist using both Dotolo & Herrmann technology


colonics north east

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